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• Teachers' Data

Teacher Name Norren
More photo
Age / Gender 38 / Female
Attendance Rate Attendance rate of past 1 month   83%   ★★☆☆☆   (104/125)
Location / Japanese Level Home / Little
Hobby / Interesting watching movies, playing sports, going out enjoying outdoor activities and eating^^
Level Child・Beginner・Middle Level・High Level
Message I'm teacher Norren. I have been teaching online since 2006 and I'm so proud of it. I finished the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Food Service Management. I studied Professional Education for a year and then took the Teacher's Board and became a Licensed Teacher. I have experienced teaching to first graders for 1 school year and then to high school students for another school year. It was a wonderful experience I had that even if I'm not a classroom teacher any longer, I still pursue my passion for teaching through online. For me, teaching is not just about sharing what you have learned from school to students but it is also about learning different life lessons from people you meet. Teaching should not be just a one way path but an open journey to those people who are open to learn and willing to share what they have learned. A good teacher should also be a good listener.
The more open we are to learning, the better we know who we are and what we can do.So, let's talk and let's have fun learning together.^^

Best Regards,
Teacher Norren


I teach you from my house. I'm sorry I can't use some texts.If you like to use the specific text ,Please send me or iTalk support Tokyo during the day time.
自宅からのレッスンとなりますため一部テキストが使用できません。生徒様のお持ちのテキストを使い受講したい場合はスカイプで事前に送っていただきますと受講できます。Tokyo office へはまとめて送っていただくことも可能です。

• Let's study with these texts
(When you book me, please copy and paste these titles by message)

Did you know?!
Trivia, discussion, and practice [intermediate to advance ]

Planning an international trip but didn’t have time to brush up on the local language?

If you’re getting ready for a trip abroad and you want to connect with the locals, learning a bit of the language can ...
Textbook based lessons
Beginner, intermediate, advanced [adults and children]

For kids :

Let's Go series
Up and Away series

For Adults:

Side by Side series
Can You Believe It
Exploring English
Let's Talk[Continue]
What is BS in Industrial Technology?
general information/ major of specialization

BS in Industrial Technology in the Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) is a four year degree program designed to equip students with the principles and procedures of shop training and t...

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• Students' Evaluation Chart

Teacher has good typing skills that help you to have better understanding of the lesson.

The teacher can explain and simplify difficult words well.

The lesson was conducted in a right pace.

The teacher is sensitive to his students’ needs.

The class has a comfortable atmosphere.

I would like to have another class with this teacher.

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Student Comment
Thank you Ms Norren. See you!
Thank you very much for the lesson, teacher Norren!
Thank you. Your lecture is very training of conversations for me.
We were very happy that we could see and know you this year. This is one of the happiest things for my daughter. Please study together and have (easy) conversation with confirming sentences next year, too. Thank you so much!!
Before your lessen, my daughter was crying because she couldn't understand English phrases in her own study. When the lessen was started, Norren noticed her difference and asked my daughter what happened before the lessen. Then, Teacher Norren treated her English problem in our lessen. Finally, my daughter looked happy at the end of our class. I really appreciated for making her cheer up. Norren was so wonderful.
My daughter could enjoy a small discussion about favourite colours and what you can buy by one peso.1 peso = 2 yen => We can't buy anything. We were interested in seeing you were also surprised about something Japanese.
Her teaching is so careful and she gives us a lot of information in details. Thank you so much.
Today's lessen is most important for my daughter.We want to take practice of today's study again. My daughter was a bit quiet today, but Teacher Norren asked her a lot of things she is interesting.
Thank you very much for the lesson,teacher Norren!
Norren got my daughter's emotion. Thank you for your wonderful lessen.

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