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EGO Lessonについて

従来のスキルズレーティングは先生がレッスンを通して得た会話の印象を数値化して算定しておりました。このたび、新しいEnglish Skill's Evaluation (ES Evaluation)を導入することになりましたのでお知らせいたします。
ES Evaluationはレベル判定の実証性を高めるために予め用意いたしました問題にお答えいただきます。Testは約20分間を予定しております。判定しますカテゴリーは下記の3つからなり、それぞれ4問となります。なお、判定結果は24時間を目処にご自分「MyPage」からご確認いただけます。

Intonation & Pharasing:正しい発音の数から判定
Fluency & Coherence:質問に対する回答の正確性から判定
Coprehension :設問1で問います

ES Evaluationを受講する場合は約20分のテストとテスト内容について確認する場合は次回のレッスンからとなりますので同一の先生で2回受講していただくことをお勧めいたします。

English Skills Evaluation (ES Evaluation) is iTalk's new English Evaluation system. This test will measure your knowledge of the English language and will give you a good idea of your current Reading, Listening and Speaking skill levels. The test is divided into three sections: Reading, Listening, and Speaking.
Once you begin the test, you will be given 20 minutes to complete all of the sections. The result can be used to identify your areas of strength or weakness and help you pinpoint areas needing further improvement. After the test, you will be given a score for each section and a total score by your my page. And you can study and ask your teacher the questions what you couldn't answer correctly.


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To be a fluent reader, you need to think about reading accurately, with appropriate rate, intonation and phrasing and at the same time understanding the meaning of the text being read.
This section of the test will evaluate how well you read and understand what you read in English. You will be asked to read aloud from a passage of text and then your skills will be assessed on the following criteria:Teachers count the number of the suitable words .
Accuracy : Accuracy means reading the words with the correct pronunciation.
Speed : Reading speed measures the amount of time it takes you to read the entire text.
Intonation and Phrasing : Intonation is the natural rise and fall of your voice while reading or speaking.
Comprehension : Reading Comprehension is the ability to understand and answer uestions about the passage.

This section of the test will evaluate your ability to listen and understand spoken English. You will be asked to answer 4 questions about what the speakers say in each conversation.
You will listen to a dialog once and then answer 4 questions. You can choose the correct answer from the choices below or write your answer in the space provided.
The first : Comprehension
The second : Accuracy
The third : Memory
The fourth : Vocabulary

This section consists of 5 questions that evaluate your oral proficiency. There is a 30-second time limit to answer each question. Your teacher will ask you 5 questions to assess your speaking ability. You need to answer each question within 30 seconds. Your score will be determined by counting the number of words spoken correctly.
Flucency and accuracy : Fluency means speaking with accuracy.
Vocabuary : Use of a wide range of vocabulary including idioms, collocation (two or more words that often go together) and appropriate expressions.
Grammar : Good understanding of grammar in forming sentences.
Pronunciation : Pronunciation refers to clarity of words with correct word stress, sentence stress, intonation and phrasing.


Reading Skills Evaluation

Please read the passage aloud. After reading, please answer the questions and choose the best answer.

Jill and Jodi are twins. They look the same, but they act differently. Jill likes sports. She is good at basketball and golf. She is also loud. She talks all day. Jodi likes reading. She can read 300 pages a day. She is also quiet. She does not like to talk. Jill and Jodi still love each other.

Check Your Understanding: True or False
1. Jill is a year older than Jodi.
2. Jill likes to play basketball and golf.
3. Jodi is a talkative person.
4. Jodi can read 300 pages a day.
5. Jill and Jodi look the same.

Listening Skills Evaluation

Audio File: 01_beginner.mp3 (音声データ)

Exercise 1.1: (1 point x 5 = 5)
a. He missed his plane.
b. He is late for something.
c. He is always on time.

Exercise 1.2:(1 point x 5 = 5)
When was he supposed to leave?

Exercise 1.3: Fill in the blank.(1 point x 5 = 5)
I’ll take you if you want.

Exercise 1.4: Write the correct form of the word.(1 point x 5 = 5)
I have been there 2 hours ago. (shall)

Audio File: 02_beginner.mp3 (音声データ)

Exercise 2.1: (1 point x 5 = 5)
a. Whether the woman is sick or not.
b. Where the woman went.
c. What the woman is thinking about.

Exercise 2.2:(1 point x 5 = 5)
How does the woman look?

Exercise 2.3: Fill in the blank.(1 point x 5 = 5)
I don't really want to ___________ about it.

Exercise 2.4: Write the correct form of the word. (1 point x 5 = 5)
You ___________ upset about something. (look)

Speaking Skills Evaluation

Please answer the following questions.

Let's talk about food:
1. What is your favorite food?
2. Do you like to cook?
3. What do you like to cook?
4. Do you like sea food?
5. Do you like vegetables?


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