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We are donating money for kids in Cebu.

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• Lesson for children and beginner

We use Camera for showing the card or picture cards to children lessons. You can learn, from the eyes and ears at the same time, how teachers pronounce and move the mouth by looking at the face of the teacher in the camera.

Video cameras is useful for preschool or young childhood education. Lessons, with full of atmosphere like teacher’s smiles, are much more fun compared with only verbal lesson. The school offers experienced teachers who have taught to the elementary and junior high school students from South Korea and Japan. You should use a web camera as well parents sit next to their children to support.

You should use a web camera and parents sit next to their children to support.

• Online English will change your learning English.

Before you start studying English, what kind of impression do you have about learning language?

・I get a good job, if I can speak English.
・I don't have enough time to learn English right now.
・Its cost is very high.
・It's hard and unpleasant to learn it.

If you have such experience, you have to think your children will fail even though you want to educate your children to be a good speaker of English. To learn foreign language is not easy, however, Online English will provide a good chance for you to learn English easily at low cost without pain compared with any other traditional English leaning methods.

Now we offer you easy and comfortable lesson way .
You can make a booking 15 minutes before the lesson.
You can cancel by noticing one hour before.
Already you do not need to go to school. You can take the lesson from your home and office regardless weather it's hot, rain or snow by reasonable price (As counted by daily basis \ 193 ≒ $ 2.45 \6000yen course ) - We have many excellent and gentle teachers. And you can continue learning English with fun and cheap price. Surely you might be tempted to talk more and more. . Online English learning will change your life style and way of thinking. Many Japanese elementary school students who could not speak English before subscription, keep on learning with us, maybe unexpectedly long periods, like two or more years practically.

• She is 5 years old girl who study English over skype.

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